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Re: (TV) A Television album brewing?

On Jan 30, 2008 2:42 PM, Murray Ramone <murrayramone@hotmail.com> wrote:

> I concur - not that I'd seen them before 92 of course
> last time I saw them in glasgow richard lloyd was totally on fire,
> completely
> on it from start to finish, it was all anyone was talking about after the
> gig

Richard definitely came more to the fore as a presence and a player in the
reunion years.  Even casual fans noticed that.

> the 'purist' in me wou'ld like to say I wasnt interested in hearing a
> jimmy
> ripp television album. but I am interested. but is it television or a tom
> verlaine solo album now ? if they called the album "Tom Verlaine -
> Television"
> I'd buy it
> realistically, I'll buy it anyway

Right.  I think what you can be guaranteed of is, at the least, the most
"band oriented" Verlaine release since... well, the Television reunion, or,
discounting that, ummm... a long time ago.  And luckily the band is all
players with whom Tom has developed decades of musical chemistry (including
Rip, since, what 1980 or so?)... so the name on the spine isn't that big of
a deal to me.  It'll sound different, and the lineup change will be
mentioned in every single review, but none of that bodes ill for how good it
will be.  But that's my opinion, and I do love "Dreamtime", so that enters
into it as well.

Is anyone on the list seriously thinking of "boycotting" the album if it's
attributed to Television?  Just curious...

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