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(TV) OT: Luna & Dean Wareham & Voices & Biographies

Dean Wareham performed his Galaxie 500 set here in Malmv yesterday. I was
ready to pay the announced 18 euros at the door, but the club had changed its
mind and decided to let everyone in for free. Didn't asked why but possibly
due to lousy pre-sales, and instead of cancelling the show, the management may
have figured that no entrance fee would attract a bigger crowd who would then
use the bars. At least one individual did, a fellow who started to communicate
with me when I ordered a cider -- he'd travelled some 300 kilometers to see
his hero Dean Wareham, and then drank hiself stupid -- so stupid that the
security threw him out when two songs and the encores remained. He got too
enthusiastic in front of the stage and something happened with his two plastic
glasses of beer. Some dozens of people showed interest in what happened at the
stage. Perhaps his following in Sweden isn't that impressive. Luna played at
this venue at least twice in their day, and when I saw them 12-13 years ago,
it was way more people attending.

Speaking about irritating voices -- I've almost exclusively listened to The
Fall the last six months or so. I also want friends to listen, which always
ends with them demanding me to change music since they find Mark E Smith's
singing, or "singing", unbearable. That's not an un-understandable objection,
although I think he may well be one of the most charismatic and authoritative
vocalists ever. Seems like his memoir -- ghost-written from taped interviews
-- passed un-noticed in here, incredibly enough. I finally came around to read
it, and it's highly recommendable -- not only for being predictably
selv-serving in a highly amusing way, but also for being unpredictably unusual
for what's left out and for which subjects Smith chooses to bring up, like his
clothing store preferences in Manchester.

Leif J, Sweden
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