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Re: (TV) Re: lunkhead, etc.

i really appreciate the avoidance of blues forms in tom's playing.  this may
(probably) be a naive question, but here goes:  are there certain scales that
tom favors, or avoids?  obviously, some scales are more associated with blues
forms, some less. 
"calvary cross" -- i do know and love that through peter laughner.  best
version?  maybe that'd be the album i start with.

--- On Mon, 5/2/11, Jesse Hochstadt <jesseh58@yahoo.com> wrote:

I think a lot of the difference has to do with the "angle" you approach RT
RT is similar to TV in an avoidance of blues-based music - "modal" is the word
hear a lot; a concern with attack, a similar approach to tone (a rather dry
sound, few effects, etc. - the musos and gearheads here will have better
descriptions), and an avoidance of guitar heroics for heroics' sake, though
the song calls for it RT will blow the roof off - in that way he's a little
like Richard. (Richard once told me that he only heard RT after he'd already
formed his own sound, but that once he did he heard a resemblance.)

But in terms of songwriting, they're very different. Tom's a romantic in a
sense of the word, kind of abstract and somedays psychedelic or surreal.
Richard, especially in more recent music, writes more concretely and
specifically, and often about very dark sides of human nature. That last part
often drives people away. But hear songs like "The Calvary Cross" for an
exception. RT often draws strongly from folk traditions.
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