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Re: (TV) Re: lunkhead, etc. >> RT and more

As Joe said, the motorcycle song is 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. It's very much 
a guitar song, in terms of fingerpicking.

For the folk/acoustic side of RT, I'd recommend the live CD Celtschmerz. For 
more of the rock/electric side, try the live records Two Letter Words or More 

Not much live Richard & Linda available. For studio recordings, I personally 
prefer Pour Down Like Silver or I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight to Shoot 
Out the Lights. All three are very high up on the RT List members' rankings.

- Jesse

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> i'm another one who just has not caught richard thompson fever.  i  bought
> "shoot out the lights" years ago and gave it away -- it just did not  grab me. 

> i've heard a bit of linda thompson solo that i've enjoyed (just on  the radio
> or whatever).  i love the motorcycle-black leather jacket  song, but can't 
> remember the name of it (and i don't think of it as a  guitar song).   so, RT
> fans:
> if you could recommend one RT album  as a jumping off point, what would it be,
> and why?  knowing that i do  enjoy folk as well as the hard stuff.
> another "guitar god" i've  avoided:  hendrix.  same question.  i actually love
> richard  lloyd's hendrix album, "bold as love" best of all, which is the only
> thing  that has me even wondering more about hendrix.
> r
> p.s.
> i  think someone here asked what the new (last) poly styrene album is like. 
> it's a bit of a mix.  very danceable, for the most part, and overall  not bad. 

> fresh, really, for a 50-something former punk (and krishna!).   not really 
> reminiscent of the spex, other than her voice, which i have  long loved, and
> the themes, which remain antimaterialistic.  6/10?   much better than
> "translucence" (the only other solo work of hers i've heard,  which totally 
> me to sleep).  i am so glad that poly got it done, and  got to see it's
> release, and some of the good press it generated, before she  passed.
> --- On Mon, 5/2/11, Rex Broome <rexbroome@gmail.com>  wrote:
> Thompson has a dense back catalog and it's daunting, but a lot  of us here
> who obsess (just a bit) about Tom's guitar playing consider RT to  be one of
> the closest soloists to Tom in terms of style, melodic choices,  etc... his
> playing just has a similar "vibe", in addition to which it's just  totally
> great.  He's also a great songwriter.
> I'm pretty sure Tom  has at one time or another acted like he's not that
> familiar with RT, and I'm  pretty sure most of us classify that as Tom being
> Tom (i.e. not entirely  honest at all times).
> Mekons, X-Ray Spex, and a lot of what's often  called "post-punk" music (here
> we go with genre labels again, but I'm  thinking of Gang of Four, PIL,
> Magazine, Slits, etc.) have some pretty ardent  devotees around here.  I
> think the last spurt of list activity before  this one was set off by the
> death of Ari  Upp.
> -Rex
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