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Re: (TV) Re: lunkhead, etc. >> RT and more

On Mon, 2 May 2011 11:26:07 -0700 (PDT)
robin dunn <rdunnrn@yahoo.com> wrote:
> i'm another one who just has not caught richard thompson fever.  i bought
> "shoot out the lights" years ago and gave it away -- it just did not grab me. 
> i've heard a bit of linda thompson solo that i've enjoyed (just on the radio
> or whatever).  i love the motorcycle-black leather jacket song, but can't even
> remember the name of it (and i don't think of it as a guitar song).   so, RT
> fans:
> if you could recommend one RT album as a jumping off point, what would it be,
> and why?  knowing that i do enjoy folk as well as the hard stuff.

The motorcycle song is Vincent Black Lightning 1952 from Rumour and Sigh.
That's actually a pretty good starting point for his solo stuff.  I'd
also recommend Shoot Out the Lights, but that didn't seem to strike your
fancy.  It's got a couple of my faves on it, including the title and
Wall of Death.  Across a Crowded Room is a great one, too.

If you can find it, the 3 disk compilation Watching the Dark gives a
great sampling of all his work across the decades.

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