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Re: (TV) Re: lunkhead, etc. >> RT and more

i'm another one who just has not caught richard thompson fever.  i bought
"shoot out the lights" years ago and gave it away -- it just did not grab me. 
i've heard a bit of linda thompson solo that i've enjoyed (just on the radio
or whatever).  i love the motorcycle-black leather jacket song, but can't even
remember the name of it (and i don't think of it as a guitar song).   so, RT
if you could recommend one RT album as a jumping off point, what would it be,
and why?  knowing that i do enjoy folk as well as the hard stuff.
another "guitar god" i've avoided:  hendrix.  same question.  i actually love
richard lloyd's hendrix album, "bold as love" best of all, which is the only
thing that has me even wondering more about hendrix.
i think someone here asked what the new (last) poly styrene album is like. 
it's a bit of a mix.  very danceable, for the most part, and overall not bad. 
fresh, really, for a 50-something former punk (and krishna!).  not really much
reminiscent of the spex, other than her voice, which i have long loved, and
the themes, which remain antimaterialistic.  6/10?  much better than
"translucence" (the only other solo work of hers i've heard, which totally put
me to sleep).  i am so glad that poly got it done, and got to see it's
release, and some of the good press it generated, before she passed.

--- On Mon, 5/2/11, Rex Broome <rexbroome@gmail.com> wrote:

Thompson has a dense back catalog and it's daunting, but a lot of us here
who obsess (just a bit) about Tom's guitar playing consider RT to be one of
the closest soloists to Tom in terms of style, melodic choices, etc... his
playing just has a similar "vibe", in addition to which it's just totally
great.  He's also a great songwriter.

I'm pretty sure Tom has at one time or another acted like he's not that
familiar with RT, and I'm pretty sure most of us classify that as Tom being
Tom (i.e. not entirely honest at all times).

Mekons, X-Ray Spex, and a lot of what's often called "post-punk" music (here
we go with genre labels again, but I'm thinking of Gang of Four, PIL,
Magazine, Slits, etc.) have some pretty ardent devotees around here.  I
think the last spurt of list activity before this one was set off by the
death of Ari Upp.

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