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Metal 'Torn Curtain' / RE: (TV) Re: Important Correction from Richard Lloyd/Torn Curtain live

Andy,  I meant to respond sooner.

As far as I know there exist only 10 live recordings of Television doing 'Torn Curtain' 
(11 if you count a rehersal in Ork's loft).  Do you happen to remember which one
 was the live-version that sounded almost metal?  Write me off-list if you do.

Andy F. wrote: 
> In the few live Television recordings I've heard of Torn 
> Curtain, it sounded
> to me like the band was tinkering with the feel of the song, trying to
> increase its live appeal.  One of the more successful live 
> versions I heard
> sounded almost metal. It was quite good, though distinctly 
> different from
> the LP version.
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