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Re: (TV) MM fadeout / digital fadeout?

Speaking of aberrations, I first heard MM on cassette, with the fadeout.
 When I got the CD I wondered if maybe the fade on the cassette was a
cheapo way of making the song shorter to save tape.  But I did prefer the
fade version and when I later learned that that's the way the vinyl ended
and that it was intentional, it made sense to me.

I was hoping the fade would be there on the CD reissue, if not on the album
proper then as a bonus track, but I guess that's a pretty long bonus track,
especially considering that 99% of its content would be identical to that
of the non-fade version.  Still, very glad to have it now (thanks!)... in a
way it's kind of weird that until now my huge-ass digital music library has
lacked what I consider the definitive recorded version of one of my
favorite songs ever.
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