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Re: (TV) More on Hell's "autobiography"

Yes, thanks to Phil for those recent Hell interview links. I thought I'd read
some earlier interviews where Hell sounded as if he may forgiven Tom, & where
he said he & TomB  spoke together now & then, as Deb says, even if they
weren't best buds anymore. To make sure I didn't just dream up this sunnier
scenario I looked for & found the quotes:
[May 2003 interv.]

"trakMARX: So why did you leave Television? You were clearly on to something
as a musical unit.

RICHARD HELL: Tom felt like he needed things to be done his way and he 
the power as the most musically developed to enforce that. Though I 
was very
angry and bitter and resentful about it at the time, itbs 
pretty clear that
Ibm kind of the same way myself, and in fact I 
demonstrated it in my next
band. Almost every group has a leader, even 
the ones that claim they
http://www.richardhell.com/365chat.html[March 30, 2000 intrerv.]
 'Love Comes In Spurts'. Autobiographical? Who are you still in touch
with from the punk bands from the good old days? Have you seen Rotten 
What do you think of it?

RICHARD HELL: Yeah, ['Love Comes In Spurts'] was
heartfelt, that song. And, sad as it is, I meant every word of that
song. I'm really pretty solitary. I'm barely in touch with my 
girlfriend. I
talk to [Robert] Quine about once a year, and there's some
 reason or other
that I talk to [Tom] Verlaine, or talk to Thurston 
Moore once in a while. But
there's no one from that era that I drop acid
 with any more."
I agree, it's too bad the two are no longer even on speaking terms now.
These days, judging by recent quotes from the interviews Phil linked to, it
sounds like Hell may have reverted closer to the opinion of Tom he voiced in
the late '70s, summed up by a quote he gave to Melody Maker once. The
interviewer asked Hell about:

QUOTE:B  "...the apparently bitter feud between he and teenage soul-mate Tom
[Hell]: 'It's a cold hatred, not a feud,' he glowered, and it seemed unwise to
press further."
[-Melody Maker, Oct. 28, 1977. It's in that articles collection I upped &
posted a link for here once].

I like to think Hell's bookB  will be mostly positive 
in tone towards Tom, at
least in recounting their early years as pals, 
with any serious Tom-bashing
perhaps unlikely to start till Hell gets closer to maybe late '74B  in the
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Thanks Phil for finding these.

I was disappointed to read that Richard didn't care about Tom's reaction to
stuff that he wrote about him, due to them not having a relationship
anymore.B  I mean, yeah, I knew they were no longer good friends, but I
thought that they were on speaking terms nowadays.B  It doesn't sound like
they're even that.B  Seems a shame.


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> Short, interesting interview:
> http://www.esquire.com/blogs/culture/richard-hell-interview-15179960
> And another, a bit more introspective:
> Verlaine (and Hell's relationship with him) is mentioned
> centrally in both pieces.
> I find myself more and more eager to read this book!
> --Phil
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