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(TV) Cale

great to see the Cale discussion.  Slow Dazzle is a great album, I don't 
think it is quite as strong as Fear.  It is a lot more consistent than Helen 
Of Troy but Helen Of Troy's best moments, Engine...Close Watch...Cable Hogue, 
are some of Cale's finest songs to me.

82's Music for A New Society is amazing stark stuff.  CD has a bonus track.  
Sabotage live from 79 I think is underrated and I have read that their is a 
CD of it foating around with the incredible Animal Justice EP as an extra.

Another great live version of Heartbreak Hotel by Cale is on the live Kevin 
Ayers album which also features Nico and Eno.  I believe that Presley wrote 
the song's final (and darkest) verse while Axton wrote the others.......Cale 
usually introduces the song live with, "This Was written by Elvis Presley."

Picture of Cale and Prisilla Presley in Cale's autobiography.......

-Jeremy US- who just found an a new import CD of Tim Hardin's Suite For Susan 
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