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Re: (TV) Clapton, Green, Taylor

Glad to hear Green's still playing well. I'd heard he'd been through some problems and was hoping he'd make it through. What among his recent recordings (there have been some, haven't there?) would you consider essential?

As for EC's ability to fill seats, I think there's ample evidence in both culture and technology that mediocrity with good marketing will way outsell excellence with bad marketing. But bigger isn't necessarily better--I'll bet your seat in the pub was a lot less expensive than an equivalent seat in the Albert Hall. (As you say, good for us, maybe not so good for Peter.)


At 9:35 PM +0000 3/7/00, Keith Allison wrote:

Green is still a terrific guitarist - went to see him locally last year.
I always preferred him to Clapton; most of the original Fleetwood Mac
albums from the late 60s are essential listening round here!

How ironic that Clapton can fill the Albert Hall in London 18 nights in
a row and Green can barely fill a small local club. On the other hand,
their loss is our gain, I guess.

Maurice Rickard
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