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Re: (TV) Clapton, Green, Taylor


Green is still a terrific guitarist - went to see him locally last year.
I always preferred him to Clapton; most of the original Fleetwood Mac
albums from the late 60s are essential listening round here!

How ironic that Clapton can fill the Albert Hall in London 18 nights in
a row and Green can barely fill a small local club. On the other hand,
their loss is our gain, I guess.


In message <v04220805b4eacc0e3269@[]>, Maurice Rickard
<maurice@mac.com> writes
>To open that whole EC can of worms again....  About a month ago, an 
>old friend of mine and I got each other birthday presents (born about 
>6 hours apart in the same hospital, actually), and we got each 
>other...the same thing.  John Mayall's _London Blues_ 2 CD 

>I'd have to say, though, that Green really makes the disc.

Keith Allison
"The Wonder - Tom Verlaine, Television & Stuff"
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