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(TV) Re: Peter Green

Its nothing short of a minor miracle I'd say that Peter is once more
treading the boards at all given all his past problems.
He was never really very at ease with his fame first time round all the same
so I think it's fair to say that he's still not very comfortable with too
much unwanted attention these days either,though I get your point Keith that
in a perfect world he would be playing places like the Albert Hall instead
of small clubs.

When I first came to London in '84 I was told,much to my horror,that he was
sleeping rough near a train station in the suburbs-thank god his
circumstances are a lot different today.

I am very fond of a recent photo of him which appeared in Mojo magazine
(taken by Pennie Smith) where he was sitting on his bed at home strumming
his guitar rapt in concentration- he looked so contented and childlike.

The late sixties Fleetwood Mac were indeed an awesome outfit and PG a fab
songwriter and guitarist.If any younger folk on the list are not aware of
this wonderful music check it out you're in for a treat I promise.


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> How ironic that Clapton can fill the Albert Hall in London 18 nights in
> a row and Green can barely fill a small local club.

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