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(TV) Re: Ian Dury-"death is a load of bolleaux"........

I don't think the great man would want you to get depressed or feel bad Joe,
rather have some kind of celebration of his life instead.
There was a wonderful documentary on him a little while back on tele over
here and even though he was getting progressively more ill by the day he was
still in upbeat, fighting form and determined to enjoy every last moment of
his life to the fullest.Such a charismatic and inspirational human being as
well as being a most entertaining, hilarious interviewee - man what a
wonderful sense of humour !
He certainly was determined that his illness wouldn't hold him back too much
and only a few short months ago he even went on the Jools Holland programme
to sing back-up vocals with Madness to promote their latest release.

The saddest thing is that he won't be there now to see his youngest child
grow up (she is only 4 or 5 I think) and when he was talking about this it
was easily the most poignant moment of the documentary.

If I was still boozing I might "mourn his decline with some Thunderbird
wine" but I don't so I'll just stick on "New Boots and Panties" and "Mr.
Love Pants" instead and sing along.....

Anyway in the words of I.D.himself - " It's all a load of bolleaux!!!!"

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> Joe Hartley <jh@brainiac.com> wrote:

> I'm very depressed at Ian Dury's passing.

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