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Re: (TV) Your "soul" music

I have always had a real soft spot for Green/Scritti P.too-in particular the
45's-"sweetest girl","asylums in Jerusalems""wood beez"-when they're this
good they're fabulous...what pop should be...and what a voice!...the latest
disc is such a disappointment all the same (I'm as bewildered as you are
Greg-it's a bit of a dog's dinner to say the least) though it does contain
one absolutely killer song which I urge the faithful to track down and
hear-"brushed with oil,dusted with powder"- a real gem...
As for the one soul-fixing record that will always pull me out of a dark
place and restore my faith once more in humanity it has to be "Astral Weeks"
by Van Morrison...for instant stress -relief  "kinda blue"usually
works...and for getting me through London rush hour traffic without
murdering fellow drivers (or pedestrians)the first two Ron Sexsmith albums
back to back...

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From: <esgregory@uswest.net>
> green ain't my soul-fixer, but just so you don't feel alone, i'll second
> that emotion in re: scritti......"songs to remember" will always be a part
> of my record collection & always get regular play.

> g grant wrote:
> > > Maurice Rickard <maurice@mac.com> wrote:
> > > > As a conversation starter, what do you put on when
> > > you've been emptied out
> > > > and need to fill up again?
> > >
> >
> > Oh this is really embarrasing, but what the
> > hell...Scritti Politti if I had a real bad day.
> > They're just so poppy ;-) though I am a little
> > perplexed with the direction they're new album has
> > taken (super duper 80's pop mixed with rap

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