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(TV) Ronnie Lane

It's extremely heart-warming for me to see so many complimentary posts
concerning the great Ronnie Lane.I've had the best of the Faces rhino cd on
my deck for the last few months now and i'm still not tired of it in the

I think RL had a rare depth as a musician and lyricist and is sorely missed
today-bizarrely (or maybe not..) whenever i hear the Seeker by the Who for
some reason i always think of him too...

For the record I have to say that i absolutely loved the Small Faces too.I
once saw some awesome footage of them performing "song of a baker" live on
some long lost german tv programme from the late 60's(the rock club?).It was
completely incendiary-Marriott with his guitar so low-slung you'd think it
must be totally impossible to play and giving it easily as much -if not
more-attitude than either the Pistols or MC5 at their zenith.
I was so energised and affected by this performance at the time that i felt
strangely compelled to go out and get completely roaring fall-down drunk and
subsequently spent the whole evening haranguing complete strangers about the
merits of what i'd just seen earlier on tv.... understandably perhaps i got
more than a few amused/bemused reactions...anyone else on the list ever seen
this footage too?


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From: Michael Carlucci <michael@recordsnyc.com>

>     I only like the material on the Faces and solo LP's of Ronnie Lane.
> not even that keen on the LP he did with Pete Townshend "Rough Mix". I
> some Small Faces tracks but really prefer Faces. I felt they were much
> original although I do like the psychedelic Small Faces records. M T C

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