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Re: (TV) Ronnie Lane

 But there is a promo video of the Small Faces doing "Lazy Sunday" that is far
out. Has anyone ever seen this? Also, somewhere there is a studio version of
the Faces doing "Maybe I'm Amazed" that is also very good. Has anyone ever
heard this one?

Raymond wrote:

> It's extremely heart-warming for me to see so many complimentary posts
> concerning the great Ronnie Lane.I've had the best of the Faces rhino cd on
> my deck for the last few months now and i'm still not tired of it in the
> slightest.
> I think RL had a rare depth as a musician and lyricist and is sorely missed
> today-bizarrely (or maybe not..) whenever i hear the Seeker by the Who for
> some reason i always think of him too...
> For the record I have to say that i absolutely loved the Small Faces too.I
> once saw some awesome footage of them performing "song of a baker" live on
> some long lost german tv programme from the late 60's(the rock club?).It was
> completely incendiary-Marriott with his guitar so low-slung you'd think it
> must be totally impossible to play and giving it easily as much -if not
> more-attitude than either the Pistols or MC5 at their zenith.
> I was so energised and affected by this performance at the time that i felt
> strangely compelled to go out and get completely roaring fall-down drunk and
> subsequently spent the whole evening haranguing complete strangers about the
> merits of what i'd just seen earlier on tv.... understandably perhaps i got
> more than a few amused/bemused reactions...anyone else on the list ever seen
> this footage too?
> best...R.
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> From: Michael Carlucci <michael@recordsnyc.com>
> >     I only like the material on the Faces and solo LP's of Ronnie Lane.
> I'm
> > not even that keen on the LP he did with Pete Townshend "Rough Mix". I
> like
> > some Small Faces tracks but really prefer Faces. I felt they were much
> more
> > original although I do like the psychedelic Small Faces records. M T C
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