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(TV) Hollywood Stock Exchange

There is a new site called Hollywood Stock Exchange in which you can "buy or
sell" shares in movies or bands. The Eagles are up there but sadly no

If one of you who runs a TV site were to set yourselves up on this, then A)
you might get more hits and B) we could all buy Television and short the

Here's some blurb about getting set up.

Here is a listing of all the ArtistStocksT that you can currently trade in
the Music MarketT. An ArtistStockT represents a musical artist or bond whose
price changes based on supply and demand. If a lot of people buy an
ArtistStockT, the price will go up, so your goal is to predict which
ArtistStocksT are going to be in high demand by other traders. If you don't
see your favorite artists, be sure to email us at artistinfo@hsx.com, and be
sure to let us know if you run a fan site for that artist. Happy trading!


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