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Re: (TV) New XTC

    I received an advance copy of the CD from TVT Records. I hadn't heard
anything of theirs in a long time. So I gave it a spin. As I was listening
to it I kept thinking, "Oh I've heard this or I know this song. Which we all
know is impossible because it's a new LP right> Wrong! I heard them all
before because every track sounded like something else that XTC had don
before. I feel like some jaded old record guy, but I really feel this way.
Luckily, the new Sonic Youth and the new Pearl Jam both showed me that I am
up for hearing something new and good. Both of these bands have both right
now. I can't believe that I would like the new Pearl Jam, but I do. I love
the idea that there's still a chance for Rock 'n' Roll to survive if some of
these guys would just make a good record. Both of these bands have made
their best records in years. Thank you whoever is responsible. M T C

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>> Any comments?  I read that it's the best record Paul McCartney (or was it
> the 
>> Beatles?) never did.
> I hear great things on the XTC list, but I haven't heard it yet myself ...
> one week to go! This is one I can hardly wait for.
> -- Owen
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