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Re: (TV) Bowie (was: Todd Rundgren)

Keith Allison <keith@marquee.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> >>"...he hired every amp in New York
> >>City and spent the whole day just playing with them...."

I have to say this sounds more like the Tom Verlaine I'm
familiar with!  Getting a bunch of musicians together?
Nah, Tom's too much of a loner.  Renting a roomful of amps?
That's our man!

> All that great guitar noise that Robert Fripp put on those three or four
> Bowie albums - sure would have been interesting for Bowie to get Fripp
> and Verlaine together in the studio, don't you think?

I dunno - Fripp's a pretty Machiavellian guy.  He comes across as
all humble and insists he's not the leader of King Crimson, yet on
the new album there's a track that Adrian Belew did that didn't make
it onto the final album.  Fripp said it was Belew's call, yet in the
end it was cut despite Adrian's wishes.

While I love Fripp's playing, I think he's one of the most pompous
arses in the business.  Hey, who's ever seen "Celebrity Deathmatch"
on MTV?  This week, a tag-team match between Todd and Fripp versus
Tom and Andy Partridge!

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