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Re: (TV) Tin Huey

> I think we have a few of the same friends Michael. :)

    Would Lewis Gerendasy be one of those friends? I recently ran into Lewis
after 2 years of not being in touch. He's the one that wouldn't give Clinton
Heylin any of his own CBGB's recordings. He had the TV '74 video rehearsal
25 years before everyone else. Lewis has some of the most amazing tapes
anyone would want to hear. I'm trying to get him to join the list. If you
think I have stories wait'll y'all hear Lewis tell his. He's been around
ince the Mercer Street days of the Dolls. If he joins welcome him with open
arms, he'll be a real asset to the list. I'll leave it at that. Just for the
record, Clinton slagged him for the simple reason while Lewis took the time
to show Clinton video footage of The Heartbreakers  with Richard Hell at
CBGB's Clinton was rifling through Lewis' tapes to see what kind of stock he
had. Lewis was hip to Clinton and told him flat out, I'll play anything you
want to hear, you just can't have any of it. Lewis needs to gain your trust
before he gives you anything. Not paying attention to some unblelievable
video is not the way to do it. M T C

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