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Re: (TV) MM Vinyl v. CD; and Lester Bangs

i just saw a free preview of "almost famous" last eve & i'd
say it's okay hollywood product.
bangs has some cool lines & i've gotta say i find billy
crudup a pretty charismatic actor, but there was alotta
feelgood manufacturing going on thruout.
cool soundtrack & crowe does attempt to humanize the women
(in this case: mom & groupies), but i don't understand why
even smart guys like crowe have to defuse loads of potential
power & drama thru fairytale contrivances...does hollywood
tell these guys EVERYTHING they have to do?

HeathBiter@aol.com wrote:
> One thing that is interesting about the CD vs. vinyl on MM, is that the song
> Marquee Moon fades out on the vinlyl, whereas on the CD the song continues
> for another minute and a half and concludes.
> I haven't really read much music writing by Cameron Crowe, but I know that
> the glory days of Creem were really the high point of rock journalism.  In
> his new book,  Richard Meltzer reflects on Lester Bangs, and includes a few
> paragraphs on LB and Television.  Bangs didn't like Television.  He admitted
> that everybody he knew constantly raved about what an amazing band they were,
> but he just didn't get it.  They reminded him of the Grateful Dead.  He also
> had some problems with Verlaine.  Something along the lines of thinking that
> Verlaine was conceited and full of himself, and even though they'd met
> several times, Verlaine always pretended to not know him.  They'd be standing
> next to each other and Verlaine would pretend not to see him.  At one point,
> an antagonistic Bangs approached Verlaine on the street and asked if Tom knew
> who he was.  Apparently Verlaine answered "Yeah, yeah.  You're Lester."
> By the way, I thought Jerry Maguire was a hunk of shit, but some of my rock
> friends went to a preview of Almost Famous and said it was awesome.
> Heath
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