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(TV) Earliest memory of rock

 in '70 my friend's older sister had RAWS and would play it on a continuous
loop through an old dansette while attempting to teach us young uns a groovy
hand dance to accompany it-still love that track today (as i do most all of
the TRex catalogue) plus it features one of the greatest,slinkiest,sexiest
guitar solos of all time......finally in '72 my dad takes the plunge and we
get a stereo ourselves (wow!) i buy "hello hello i'm back again" by Gary
Glitter on 45.Sad that the recent sad antics of this tosser has severely
tainted by association the reputation and genius of Mike Leander who wrote
/produced/sculpted the trademark Glitter sound.(He also did the arrangement
for "she's leaving home " Beatles fans)

ah yes the fabs-the first pop music i ever heard mind was definitely
them -in the pram-"she loves you" of course - though i have very strong
memories of some other more offbeat stuff from the 60's which brings back
equally strong memories eg Matthew and son by Cat Stevens...i had maverick
tastes even back then it would seem...

first lp bought -Ziggy Stardust -okay enough nostalgia already -off to look
for me brown and green platforms and striped tank top....

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From: Cliff McLenehan <klif@volny.cz>

> It was T. Rex's 'Ride A White Swan' that
> really caught my imagination though and was the first single I ever
> bought.
> Cliff
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