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Re: (TV) OT: Earliest memory of rock

First "rock" record was Chipmunks Rock-- I remember getting
in trouble when I was three or four, cause the neighbor
from across the street had called and complained that I was
playing it too loud. I don't recall the first record I
bought with my money, but early faves from my parents
collection were the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour, the
first two Cars records, Billy Joel's greatest hits, and a
2-LP collection of early Beach Boys singles (but never,
NEVER my dad's Eagles records, I swear).  Thanks to my
uncles, who are big Beatles fans, I became enamored with
them for a while, then got into the Rolling Stones/Led
Zeppelin/Animals/ACDC.  Nirvana (a few years after the
fact) then was the first band to get me interested in
punk/indie music and got me to pick up a guitar (a horrible
old Harmony acoustic).

Those are the high points, anyway.  Being born in '81, I
heard some truly awful stuff on the radio as a kid (think
Starship's "We Built This City"), and I confess to
listening to some highly questionable stuff when I was 10
or 11, but thankfully that didn't last long.

Ahh, memories.


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