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Re: (TV) OT: Earliest memory of music

--- Blumetakt@aol.com wrote:
> Earliest memory of Television was when Sir Stanley
> Demeski of the legendary 
> Feelies & Luna brought in Marquee Moon and Adventure
> during a Chorus Class 
> for us all to listen too in 1978 at our high school.
wow...stan demeski in your chorus class.  

early musical memory:  i was five and my dad was
getting me ready for the first day of kindergarten. 
you know the deal -- pigtails, ribbons, cute dress,
mary janes, etc.  then he put a tee shirt over my
garb, and it looked like an evening gown on me.  "go
show your mom."  i did as my father told me.  mom:
"peee-duh, _combat rock_?  i don't think so."  


"when it comes to big openings,
                   a LOT of people think of me."  
    chelsea the mod pixie*http://www.pixievision.com

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