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Re: (TV) Musicals

In message <mP24wAE8$ogBFwbl@marquee.demon.co.uk>, Keith Allison <keith@marquee.demon.co.uk> writes
Bah! I fear that we Brits may be to blame for most of these abominations.

Actually I should declare an interest here and say that I have, in fact, written a rock opera. It's about a deaf, dumb and blind multi-millionaire rock musician whose father died in WWll (but he's never got over it) and who has his favourite guitar stolen by Todd Rundgren and placed in a hidden chamber at the top of the Great Pyramid. Hilarious (but poignant) hi-jinx follow as the 3 heroes (played by Richard Hell, Phil Collins and The Alan Parson Project) go on a quest to.... no, I can't go on.
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