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(TV) Re: Tom as a punk

Yesterday I was reading some exerts from a book about the guy who used to be
in Blondie.  And he was saying how even when they traveled over to England to
tour they would run into w/ some of the other CBGB's crowd over there and hang
out w/ them.  But he mentions that Patti and Tom always stayed apart from all
the rest of the group, even back in the states they didn't mingle much w/ the
others.  Well, it seems to me like Patti did, but not Tom.

I mean, I know when Tom's been asked about the CBGB's scene, he will admit to
not feeling much (any) comradery sp? w/ the other bands who played there.  And
I don't think he ever saw himsself as a 'punk'.  He connected w/ Richard Hell
and Patti cuz they were both literary, very interested in books like
him...smart people.

In one of his interviews, he gets asked about 'punk' and he even says there no
such thing, as all it is is sped-up pop.  In another interview, when an
interviewer was trying to pin Television down to a genre, Tom said he prefered
'new wave'.

But Tom never felt that he fit into the punk/CBGB scene.  And I notice that he
reads books about different composers and all.  He maybe feels more of a
kinship w/ people like that than the rock 'n roll world of his contempories of
the Blank Generation.

Would you guys agree w/ this?  This connects a bit to your earlier
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