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Re: (TV) Re: Tom as a punk

The best thing you can do is to play the uninitiated some songs by the musician 
in question. Nowadays, if you own an mp3 player (which I don't), that's not even 
that hard. Leo, perhaps you'd have had more luck with those women if you'd said: 
"I'm doing a bad job describing Television. Why don't you come up to my swinging 
bachelor pad, sit on my revolving bed, and I'll show you my etchings" - I mean, 
"play you 'Marquee Moon.'"

Of course there's still the problem of choosing "representative" songs, 
especially with someone like Thompson. And for the Mekons, I always say, "You 
_really_ have to see them live."

- Jesse

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> >
> > I generally find it hard to label almost any musical  performer(s) I like
> > when
> > someone asks me to describe them.  Calling Richard Thompson a folk-rocker
> > tells
> > you next to  nothing. Calling the Mekons or X punk bands tells you next to
> > nothing.  My sense is that the easier it is to categorize a band or
> > musician,  the
> > less interesting they tend to be.
> >
> That's well  said.
> The lunkhead issue persists, though.  Richard Thompson's a  good example...
> if you're talking to someone who doesn't know who he is, it's  going to be
> tough.  Your options are basically to start with the term  "folk rock" and
> then endeavor to get more specific until their eyes glaze  over, or to say
> with greater or lesser candor, "Look, you're a lunkhead, and  if we continue
> this discussion it's probably going to be quite frustrating  for both of us.
>  Let's briefly discuss movies and find out if you're clueless  about film,
> too."
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