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Re: (TV) OT: Luna & Dean Wareham & Voices & Biographies

On Sun, May 1, 2011 at 1:13 PM, Graham Urquhart <gurquhart@madasafish.com>wrote:

> I'm with you on The Fall Leif. Still the best live band ever (if MES is
> on a good night. If not then could be real bad). Anyway with the recent
> mentions of Zeppelin on here i thought I would post this.  A clip from
> Jools Holland show. The Fall were preceded by Robert Plant who did some
> completely unforgettable thing which finishes with some dinky handclaps.
> Just as Plant is wrapping up and before they are even introduced, The
> Fall pile in with a storming rendition of _Blindness_. Possibly my
> favourite Youtube clip ever:

Yeah, that one's great.  I even basically respect Robert Plant as a solo
artist; he's very open-minded and musically adventurous compared to just
about all of his contemporaries... but that transition to The Fall is a real
switchover to The Real Shit.  The Fall weren't even in an especially
tremendous phase at the time, but somehow the brought spectacular "Oh, yeah?
 Well fuck off, how about THIS" vibe to the performance.  I'm certain most
of the viewing audience was flummoxed... good job, lads!
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