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Re: "Pop" / RE: (TV) Re: Tom as a punk

On 01/05/2011 18:09, Leo Casey wrote:
I'll see if I can find one of these "pop declarations" and post it.
Alternative music doesn't have to be "alternative" [mock wincing facial gesture]. I mean, we COULD be weird and avant-garde if we wanted, but really, at our core is a pop band.
Billy Ficca, Creem 1993

As peculiar as it sounds, I've always thought that we were a pop band. You know, I always thought Marquee Moon was a bunch of cool singles. And then I'd realize, Christ, this song is ten minutes long with two guitar solos.
Tom Verlaine, Select Sept 1992

I am not a punk rocker. You've got it mixed up. Nobody is a punk rocker. Punk rock is just a label. It wasn't part of our ethics. The whole idea was that we were trying awfully hard to become good at our instruments. What you're talking about is the "anybody can be in a band, you don't have to know how to play your instrument" mentality, which is really an English idea. It's a social, political rebellion. It had nothing to do with Americans.
Richard Lloyd, Interview on thrustCHAT (2003?)

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