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(TV) OT: Andys

I appreciate some of the kind words offered to and by Andys on this list!!

I am, as I sign my occasional posts, andy in nyc.  I post my top CD list at
the end of the year....but mostly lurk.  Still an avid concertgoer (made it
to 94 shows last year, though only 23 so far this year).

A Deadhead, Neil Young fan, Santana in the old days, New Waver, the Church,
Go-Betweens, Luna, hard to know where to stop!!!....but now focus on
guitar-based rockers, many of which are British bands these days.  And
living in nyc, get the chance to see lots of great music.

And, of course, a huge Television fan....from back in the day, to the
final(?) Summerstage show.  Still hoping for more!!

best to one and all....andy in nyc
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