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Re: (TV) Re: Tom as a punk

On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 12:37 AM, postitnote <postitnote@sbcglobal.net>wrote:

> --- On Sun, 5/1/11, Jesse Hochstadt <jesseh58@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Re: the term 'lunkhead', I believe it was Leo who first used it and it
> sounded
> like he was referring to people who listened to 'hardcore' music.  But
> maybe
> he meant sthg else.

It was me, and what I meant by it was "someone too dense to understand music
not defined by rigid genre labels".  Didn't mean anything about the type of
music said person listened to; I was just positing a situation where I was
having a hypothetical conversation about someone who hadn't heard of
Television (or Richard Thompson) and saying that if such a person couldn't
imagine their way past broad labels like "punk rock" or "folk rock", they
were probably a person of limited musical imagination with whom such a
conversation was probably going to be futile (thus, a "lunkhead").  The term
was meant to denote a person of stunted musical scope, not a person who
liked one genre or another... sorry for any confusion.

Most actual lunkheads are into Jimmy Buffett, of course.

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