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Innocent / easy, just delete / RE: (TV) Re: Tom as a punk

>Re: the term 'lunkhead', I believe it was Leo who first used it and it sounded
>like he was referring to people who listened to 'hardcore' music.  But maybe
>he meant sthg else.

Hey, I'm innocent!  : > )
It was Rex who used the term "lunkhead" and he was referring to people [sometimes women in my
who were *not* open-minded, but who, instead,  jumped to conclusions about a musical artist 
based on only hearing/reading 1 or 2 misleading adjectives, e.g. "NYC-punk"  

>Oh sorry for not making my msgs easy to follow.  I've never been on a mailing
l>ist before so I'm having an adjustment period, I suppose.

Deb,  All you need to do is:  
1) 1st thing when you want to comment on a person's previous e-mail is Double-click on that
particular e-mail;
2) SELECT/Click on "REPLY" (or "REPLY ALL") at the very top of page; 
3) That automatically opens a new copy the e-mail to which you are Replying, BUT which will
automatically insert for you 
have the symbol " > " in front of each line of the previous e-mail to denote it was written not
by Deb but by the previous MM Lister;
****4)  Highlight with your mouse all lines beginning with " >." 's that are *not pertinent* to
what you are replying;
5) Type your own, new comments (i.e., your reply) under the " > " that you didn't delete
because they were pertinent.

The end : > )

Otherwise,  as  Jesse remarked,  it is agonizingly difficult to determine where your Reply
begins, and it makes the e-mails unnecessarily long.


PS:  Nobody was casting dispersions on "hardcore" genre.
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