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(TV) Polar Prize Winners

I' not sure how famous The Polar Prize really is outside of Sweden --but
domestically, we like to think about it like "The Nobel Prize of Music".
Whatever the case -- this year's laureates have been announced today -- and
they are both Tom Verlaine-affiliated: Patti Smith and The Kronos Quartet; the
latter enseble collaborated with TV at least on the "Big Bad Love" soundtrack,
although I'm not sure if they worked in the studio together, or if the Quartet
just made overdubs on existing Verlaine recordings.

If Patti is nice enough to ask her friend Tom to join on the trip to
Stockholm, that means that he'll get the chance to shake hands with the
Swedish king! Think about it. Carl XIV Gustav will hand over the prize
personally in August, and I suppose there will be some possibilities to mingle
with the royal family, which includes the reportedly dim-witted (and possibly
closet-gay) prince Carl Philip, the jet-setting princess Madeleine, the
face-lifted queen and of course the king himself, who according to a biography
last year has screwed whores in Atlanta and Bratislava.

The prize was founded by late ABBA manager "Stikkan" Anderson, a half-crook
who in his time was the highest-earning manager in the world -- due to the
fact that he was a much smarter businessman than the four in ABBA. This prize
could be named after them instead of Stikkan's record company and recording
studio, since it was really their money, not his. They did came to his
funeral, at least some of them, but that was far from sure since the ABBA
members finally realised that he'd enriched himself on their expense and they
cut the ties to him. But on a day like this, we prefer not to think about such
things, and instead celebrate this fact that Sweden did produce this great
group who made all this classic, fun, wholesome pop music, and today they are
regarded as a national treasure which should be seen as role models for us
all. I suppose pretty much like the British people who today, after seeing him
in the spotlight for nearly 35 years, also have come to regard Mark E Smith of
The Fall a national treasure and an example, whose looks and behaviour could
or should be imitated. I'm sure the English members in this group can confirm

The official press release is to be found here:

Leif J, Sweden
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