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Tom liked black / RE: (TV) Picture of T.V.s Freezin' 1970s' Apt.

I'd agree with Dennis that Tom probably wore them because they were 
so inexpensive. But I bet another important factor was because of their color, 
namely black.

During his Fall of 1981 and Spring 1982 Dreamtime Tour, I saw him at 5 shows 
in Massachusetts and NYC and he always had on those black canvas shoes, 
along with, more often than not, black jeans and a black t-shirt.  And whenever 
he'd use something in the middle of a show to wipe sweat from the neck of his 
guitar between songs, it was always an old, ripped *black* t-shirt.

And Dennis, I'm doing great. 

: > )

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> The only people that wore them were old men. But Tom being 
> the thrifty sort 
> probably though they were a bargain.
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