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(TV) Discussing and trading bootlegs on the list


I'm not opposed to discussing bootlegs and other unauthorized recordings on the 
list. That's fine. If people refer to a recording available on a popular Torrent 
site somewhere, that's fine, too. If people want to debate the sound quality of 
certain circulating recordings vs. others, I can live with that.

What I'm not as excited about is the inevitable slide towards people posting 
their trade lists on the list. That gets noisy (lots of bandwidth), fast, and 
tends to make the list less interesting for people reading it (too much 
deleting, not enough reading). 

But I'm open to counterarguments. I certainly have no philosophical objection, 
as long as any actual trades are off-list.

What do other people think?


From: Leo Casey <LeoCasey@comcast.net>
To: tv@obbard.com
Sent: Sun, May 22, 2011 11:59:38 PM
Subject: (TV) Sorry for being so squaresville / Cold as ice

>  ..... but he has this ixnay on the 
>  [b]ootlegay thing on his particular list that no one else ...

Everything else being equal, I'd actually prefer it if the MM List 
allowed exchanging trade lists or detailed recording information of 
Television bootlegs. By asking that any reply(s) be sent off-List I 
was just trying to adhere to the 'rules' the List's founding father,
Philip, set up. 

RE:  >Is this definitely Tom's place? 
No evidence at all (except it's certainly decrepit looking enough). 
I was just goofing .... and that's why I said the gigantic, 
rectangular basin was filled with ice cubes .... because the last thing 
you'd ever want/need in a freezin' apartment would be ice.  


>Doesn't really look like 
>something Tom would have around the house, especially filled with ice. If 
>the apartment was that bad the fridge probably have a verty small freezer 
>and limited ice maing ability.
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