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Re: (TV) Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich talks us through his own cult heroes, Television...

Can you imagine him even trying to play Billy's kit? It would be like ....OK where is your real kit.

On 26/05/2011 15:31, Joe Hartley wrote:
On Thu, 26 May 2011 11:39:18 +0100
William Ancell<thebilbicus@yahoo.co.uk>  wrote:

Larsehole could only dream of playing MM. Ficca's intricate work is galaxies beyond his particular brand of submoronic Cro-Magnon tub thumping.
So very much *THIS*.  To me, Billy is one of _the_ masters of finesse.
Ulrich is the antithesis of finesse.

Fun wierd fact: Lars Ulrich's godfather is Dexter Gordon.
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