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Re: (TV) The Big One (assuming there is interest)

me too on both counts!!  -  andy in nyc

On Sun, May 29, 2011 at 6:35 AM, Graham Urquhart

> Wow - count me in - yes please.
> BTW have now just signed up to the other list as well.
> Graham
> On 29/05/2011 05:25, Steve Rovner wrote:
>> Because not everyone on this list is a member of the Yahoo list, I wanted
>> to share the message below that I just posted to the TV Yahoo list.  I know
>> this list is not for trading, and my intent is not to clog this list with
>> trading discussion.  I suggest going to the Yahoo list for that.
>> Steve
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Based on a couple of folks asking me for the links to the shows I sent to
>> Joe, I have been thinking ...
>> While many of you have some, or even a ton, of Television / Verlaine /
>> Lloyd shows, there is still some demand out there as folks try to fill out
>> their collections.  We've come a long way from the days of cassette tapes
>> when I started collecting.  The Carried Away site has been great for
>> distributing a huge number of shows via CD-R trees.  I've put maybe 25 shows
>> on DIME and others have done the same.  I've shared shows through
>> Megaupload, etc.
>> But, a combination of today's technology and old-fashioned snail mail can
>> make it possible for everyone to have EVERY show.  I've been able to put
>> FLAC copies of all my shows on a small pocket external hard drive.  I also
>> have Apple Lossless versions of the shows on the drive, to make it easy to
>> import them into iTunes.  I've shared this drive with another collector on
>> this list who was kind enough to add some shows I did not have (I got burned
>> out on Television and stopped collecting for a time).  So, at this point I
>> think I have all shows currently in circulation.  I have DVD's on the drive
>> as well, as well as scans of vintage Television show posters and Village
>> Voice advertisements for shows in the 1970's.
>> Here is what I am thinking - I could put all the files on two pocket
>> drives, and then we could create 2 vines - one for North America and the
>> other for the rest of the world.  The way I see it working is that we could
>> use the Carried Away site to sign up (Keith, I presume you could set that
>> up?).  The vines could be set up in such a way to efficiently move the hard
>> drives from person to person.  Each person receiving the drive would have
>> say, one week, to plug the drive into their computer and copy the files they
>> wanted, and then box the drive back up and mail it to the next person on the
>> vine.  Hence, the cost to anyone signing up is simply the postage to the
>> next recipient.  At the end of the vines, the hard drives could be mailed
>> back to me.
>> So, what do folks think?  Is there any interest in this?  I've always felt
>> it important to share the music, and this is the biggest and best method I
>> can think of.
>> Steve
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