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Re: (TV) OT Beefheart fans in NYC

On Sun, 29 May 2011 15:27:04 -0400
"Dennis D" <dend@nyc.rr.com> wrote:
> This looks amazing, one of my favorite guitarists, a guy that appears on 2 
> tracks on my CD Inwood Stories is playin g wityh Eric Slick (drummer for 
> Adrian Belew). This guy Robbie Seahag Mangano is pretty much the best 
> guitarist I know and I know a lot of guitarists.

I've seen "Seahag" play with Project/Object a couple of times, and he
really is amazing.  I'd love to hear what he'll do with Beefheart
material.  The Slicks are amazing too, I've been lucky enough to see
them play with Adrian a couple of times.  It's scary how good they are
at such a young age!

There's no way I can get to NYC for the show, but I'll do my best to
catch it on line.  Enjoy Ireland, and happy b-day Dennis!

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