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Re: (TV) "live" music-get the microscopes out!!!!

You have my deepest sympathies!...on the other hand you are probably spared
a lot of  the cheesy pap they relentlessly churn out this side of the
Atlantic too-so we're evens! let's face it it's a grim time for
mainstream,corporate popular music whereever you are at the
moment....aaaargggh!....and most of all so hard to AVOID unless you
barricade yourself in your own home or car....(hhhmmmm that gives me an

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From: <esgregory@uswest.net>
....here in the states, we're more inundated with
> rap-rock fusion cheeseheads like kid rock &  hemorrhoids like lit or train
> counting crowes...heaven help me if i can remember anymore.

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