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Re: (TV) Test Patterns, Richard Lloyd

>    Regarding "Alchemy," I'm glad to see someone voice that opinion
>regarding the record's production.  Some great songs, but where's the
>GUITAR?  I think most of those tunes sound better on "Real Time," despite
>what's been posted before about Richard's guitar sound on that record.

I was around the guys on the Alchemy record alot, I think I saw just about
every gig that lineup played in NYC. That record was a huge disappointment
to me and lots of other people when it came out.
The lineup on that record was great. Jim Mastro and Vinnie Denunzio are the
driving force 
Health and Happiness Show and I believe Ivan Julian is playing guitar for
them now. Fred Smith still works with bands and plays out with Courtney Lee
Adams. If anyone else had produced that record, and I do mean ANYONE it
would of had to have sounded better. The other guitarist , his name was 
Matthew  Mackenzie, I think. He was also from Boston and brought into the
band by the same 
woman who brought the producer in. He died of an overdose many years ago.
To be honest, I liked Matthew, but thought his guitar playing was
unnecessary with Richard and Jim in the band.
Boy I'd love to get the master tapes for Alchemy and remix that mofo myself
or better yet, let Fred Smith remix it. :)

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