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Re: (TV) Serge Gainsbourg

Way cool.  Thanks, Christopher and Philip!

I should say in response to Philip's observation about the Mick Harvey albums that I haven't heard 'em, but I love his arranging skills. There are a number of albums with strings that I think Harvey should have arranged, instead of who actually did them. The strings on _The Good Son_ are impeccable.


At 11:28 AM +1000 8/2/01, christopher hollow wrote:
Histoire de Melody Nelson is one of the greatest LPs of all time ...
certainly the greatest concept Lp of all time.

The best comp. is called Comic Strip 1966-69 that's been remastered - the
cover has Serge lounging on a shag pile rug whilst Jane Birkin rocks out in
the background ... it contains the great tracks like Bonnie & Clyde, initals
b.b. and my personal fave Requiem pour un c...
Maurice Rickard
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