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Re: (TV) 'New' press stuff on The Wonder

Just had a look at the articles you recently added at The Wonder.
 It looks like they're all or mostly some from the collection I upped to a 
file hosting site. I see my messy scribbling on them's intact.  Thanks fo
r getting them up where they're more easily findable, & more widely accessi
ble. The video descriptions at my youtube Television uploads also give a DL
 link to the articles, as well as recommending The Wonder site's collection

Articles I photographed taped to my wall if they were too big for m
y scanner, or after my scanner started f-ing up, often turned out with an u
ndesirable extra-yellowish  tinge, for some reason. Those same ones seem 
to look a bit better, less yellow, on your site. It's good if you were able
 to de-yellow them, something I didn't look into learning how to do before 
I upped them. 

That March, 1976 Penthouse article is one I got when it
 first came out, & was the first thing I ever read about Television. Too ba
d it wasn't till two years later, in '78, I bought M.M. & Adventure, & beca
me a fan. Thanks to Penthouse mags being highly collectible & hard for youn
g men to throw away, the article got saved. Of course, later on I wished I'
d sent away in '76 for the Little Johnny Jewel single advertised at the end
 of of the article so I could have discovered, & gotten to enjoy hearing, t
he band's music a few years earlier. 

On Sunday,
 February 23, 2014 3:05:47 AM, William Ancell <ancellwilliam@gmail.com> wro
Keith, this is much appreciated.
On 22 Feb 2014 21:18, "Keith A
llison" <keith@thewonder.co.uk> wrote:

> Just added 25 more PDFfs of v
arious press articles to The Wonder. All of
> the new ones can be identif
ied by the fact that the pdf 'button' for the
> new ones has the letters 
PDF in green.
> Here:
> http://www.thewonder.co.uk/artics.htm

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