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Re: (TV) 'New' press stuff on The Wonder

That "I Need a New Adventure" boot came from "The Big One" you may 
have heard about which was a hard drive (actually 2 identical ones for diff
erent parts of the world) that got circulated by mail a while back, over so
me months. Anyone interested could then sign up to be part of the vine & ha
ve the drive sent to them by mail. A massive collection of Television, Verl
aine, Lloyd, & Hell recordings.Thanks go to Steve Rovner, Phil Obbard, & wh
oever else was involved, plus all the tapers, for organizing & generously s
haring that monumental collection. With luck, The Big One project will get 
reprised sometime for those who missed it the first time. In the mean time,
 I believe there are quite a few Television boots, both old & new, download
able via dimeadozen.org.

It's not hard to download audio from youtube,
 & although yt sounds pretty good nowadays streaming in AAC format, it's st
 lossy. That's one reason I post download links in my video descripti
ons so anyone interested can DL the source bootlegs in lossless FLAC to kee
p them available in the best  audio versions. Cheers.

On Wednesday, February 26, 2014 4:56:41 PM, Dave Marin <dwmarin@gmail
.com> wrote:
Bob - just this week I discovered your You Tube uploads.
  First time I've ever heard the I Need A New Adventure tracks.  Thanks
 for posting those, and all the other goodies.  Maybe everybody else on t
he list has these great boots already but I certainly do not and love havin
g access to them.


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> On Feb 26, 2014, 
at 7:03 PM, Bob Beatty <bobjb2002@yahoo.ca> wrote:
> Keith: 
> Jus
t had a look at the articles you recently added at The Wonder.
> It looks
 like they're all or mostly some from the collection I upped to a 
> file
 hosting site. I see my messy scribbling on them's intact.  Thanks fo
 r getting them up where they're more easily findable, & more widely access
> ble. The video
 descriptions at my youtube Television uploads also 
give a DL
> link to the articles, as well as recommending The Wonder site
's collection
> . 
> Articles I photographed taped to my wall if t
hey were too big for m
> y scanner, or after my scanner started f-ing up,
 often turned out with an u
> ndesirable extra-yellowish  tinge, for so
me reason. Those same ones seem 
> to look a bit better, less yellow, on 
your site. It's good if you were able
> to de-yellow them, something I di
dn't look into learning how to do before 
> I upped them. 
> That 
March, 1976 Penthouse article is one I got when it
> first came out, & wa
s the first thing I ever read about Television. Too ba
> d it wasn't till
 two years
 later, in '78, I bought M.M. & Adventure, & beca
> me a fan
. Thanks to Penthouse mags being highly collectible & hard for youn
> g m
en to throw away, the article got saved. Of course, later on I wished I'

> d sent away in '76 for the Little Johnny Jewel single advertised at the e
> of of the article so I could have discovered, & gotten to enjoy hear
ing, t
> he band's music a few years earlier. 
> -Bob

> On Sunday,
> February 23, 2014 3:05:47 AM, William Ancel
l <ancellwilliam@gmail.com> wro
> te:
> Keith, this is much apprec
> On 22 Feb 2014 21:18, "Keith A
> llison" <keith@thewonder.co.u
k> wrote:
>> Just added 25 more PDFfs of v
> arious press articles
 to The Wonder. All of
>> the new ones can be identif
> ied by the fact
 that the pdf 'button' for the
>> new ones has the letters
> PDF in gre
>> Here:
>> http://www.thewonder.co.uk/artics.htm

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> www.thewonder.co.uk/
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